Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/01/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how YouTube Takes on The News 

News media companies can profit from the pros of native advertising while avoiding its cons But publishers must respect the fine line between journalism and intrusive ads that will turn off consumers. Proper labeling is key to walking that line.

8 ways news media companies can do more to claim their promising futures                         A look at recent advancements — in personalisation, aggregation, mobile apps, and more — sets the stage for future innovation in the news media industry

Digital advertising dollars, registered subscribers up six months into Santa Fe                 New Mexican’s metered site Yes, unique visitors are down. Yes, total pageviews are down. All expected. But digital advertising dollars are up 40%, and print and online subscription starts are now exceeding stops.

I’m dreaming of a Mobile Christmas                                                                                        What lessons can the news media industry take away from the retail sector, which now predicts record holiday sales via mobile, thanks to innovation in geo-location technology and mobile apps?

How Publishers Hope to Close the Mobile Revenue Gap                                                    Mobile is rising fast as a traffic source, with publishers reporting anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent of their overall traffic coming from mobile. The problem is mobile ad rates are still a fraction of what they are for desktop.

Report suggests newspaper industry will lose more than $1 billion in advertising this year  By the third quarter, the revenue picture for the newspaper industry is pretty well set. Now that the Newspaper Association of America has stopped compiling quarterly results, we need to look to public company reports for a proxy. And Gannett, which owns 81 community newspapers and USA Today, is representative all by itself.

Biggest opportunity for news orgs                                                                                            Read my mind, tell me what I want, even if I don’t know 

We’re spending more and more time online. So what are we doing less of?                     There are, as they say, only so many minutes in a day. So if we’re spending more and more time online — breaking news alert! we are — that time has to come from somewhere.

YouTube Takes on The News                                                                                                   Much like the Google News homepage, YouTube’s news channel aggregates video news content from some of the biggest – and smallest – broadcasters on earth.

Buffett: Why I didn’t buy the Washington Post                                                              Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett reveals why he passed on the deal that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stepped up to.

Struggling Newspapers Sell Off Old Headquarters                                                                They were once major symbols of civic pride and influence, often situated in the heart of the city, and nearly equal in stature to nearby city halls, courthouses and other major public buildings.

Why I am unapologetic about paywalls                                                                                    Let’s get another thing out of the way here: Journalists don’t love paywalls any more than readers. We’d rather more people read our work rather than fewer. What we are rather fond of is being paid for our work.

Nontraditional sources of revenue rise at McClatchy                                                      Revenue from digital advertising and direct marketing now account for about 40 percent of McClatchy’s advertising revenue, the company said in its third quarter earnings report

Bumping into the news: New Pew data shows Facebook users find news there, but don’t seek it out The new study seems to indicate that news-seeking plays a smaller part in Facebook usage than publishers might like.

Omidyar’s big, bold bet on next-gen news                                                                              First, came Warren Buffett. Then, Jeff Bezos. Now, Pierre Omidyar has become the third prominent billionaire to try his hand at finding a popular and profitable business model for funding quality journalism in the digital era.

Daily Newspapers Continue to be Strong News Brands: 8 in 10 Canadians Read Every Week The results of the latest release indicate that Canadians are still avid readers of newspaper content.

68pc of smartphone users to shop via mobile during holidays                                   Consumers will be using their smartphones more for finding store locations as well as tablets to shop and browse this holiday, according to a report from Deloitte.

New York Times will give newsstand buyers a free 4-week digital trial                              Buy a copy of the New York Times from a newsstand or Starbucks on Sunday, November 3, and you’ll get a free four-week membership to the newspaper’s website and smartphone app.

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