Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/08/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Old Meets New: Newspapers Take to Instagram

Time to look beyond the blurred lines of disruption                                                Confronted with evolving technologies, consumer patterns, and other disruptive forces, news media companies must be agile, creative, and brave enough to switch gears for the sake of future growth.

Can native advertising solve the mobile monetization problem?                                    Media industry buzz is dominated by two crisscrossing topics: native ads and mobile monetization.

Media Outlets Embrace Conferences as Profits Rise                                                 Financially struggling media companies are racing to add conferences, festivals and other live events to their business strategy, convinced they can provide a reliable revenue stream and expand the reach of their brands.

Is Ad Avoidance a Problem?                                                                                                      Back in the twentieth century, people were roughly equal in their power to avoid advertising. Only desert hermits and commune dwellers could truly live ad-free.

More than 2 years into New York Times paywall move, readers fund more than 50% of revenues As advertising revenue declined in 2008, The New York Times began to rely more on its readers to close the digital revenue gap. In 2011, it created a paywall, bringing in US$75.1 million in new revenue in the first half of this year. The next steps for the international news media company? Launching new products.

Old Meets New: Newspapers Take to Instagram                                                      Newspapers haven’t flocked to Instagram the way they have to Facebook and Twitter. Which makes sense. Instagram, unlike the other platforms, can’t drive people back to the site because the photo-sharing platform doesn’t embed live links. 

Buffett group reportedly looking at some Tribune papers.                                              “There are certainly good parts of the company we’d have a good interest in,” BH Media Group CEO Terry Kroeger told NetNewsCheck’s Lou Carlozo about Tribune Co.’s newspapers.

Google Hides Search Terms From Publishers, Marketers                                                   Web Giant Says Move Is Meant to Enhance Privacy, Advertisers Lose a Huge Source of Data

When will mobile transactions like NFC change advertising as we know it?                         If the chatter at the recent NFC & Mobile Money Summit in New York is any indication, Near Field Communications is on the horizon, but requires us first to establish standards, open technology, business models, and regulation.

NYT Reports 2% Decline In Total Ad Revenue                                                                        The 2% drop in ad revenue was the company’s lowest decline in three years. The Times also reported that its digital subscriber rolls reached about 727,000, a 28% increase over the same quarter a year ago.

Financial Times reaches highest circulation in its 125-year history                   The Financial Times is in good shape, according to today’s trading update by its owner, Pearson.

Richmond Times-Dispatch readers get digital discount if they consent to print.           Print and digital subscriptions to newspapers generally work like this: If you subscribe to the print product, you get free digital access. But if all you want is digital, you can pay a little less. Not so in Richmond.

The newsonomics of outrageous confidence                                                                              Set aside all the talk of doom and gloom for a minute: Here are 8 real reasons to feel optimistic about the future of newspapers.

USA Today will count Butterfly edition circulation;move comes as it once more claims No. 1 circ rank That would add 360,000 in print weekday circulation and 579,000 on Sundays, for the first time giving the 31-year-old paper weekend circulation data to pitch to advertisers.

Struggling industry throttles newspaper metrics                                                              Unable to arrest years of declining ad sales and sliding print circulation, two key trade groups representing the newspaper industry have done the next best thing: 

New digital circ figures for newspapers are….interesting                                                   AAM wrote a blog post in May explaining that a paying print subscriber at a paywalled newspaper can actually count as two “subscriptions” if publishers provide proof that the subscriber activated their username and password for digital. And there’s no reason to stop at two: “each digital platform,” like an iPhone app, can count as its own sub too.

Papers’ Digital Readership Up 11% Since June                                                                   Nearly 71% of adults, about 141 million, engaged with newspaper content via digital platforms in September, an 11% increase since June, according to comScore data provided by the NAA.

Is Groupon’s Deal Marketplace Undermining Merchants?                                                   The Deal Marketplace is Groupon’s shift in strategy from providing one-off “daily deals” to offering longer-running, recurring campaigns. With the launch of the marketplace, local businesses now can offer discounts on their goods and services for an extended period of time.

88pc of millennials to use mobile for holiday shopping: Google                            Millennials will be a big driver of online and mobile shopping this holiday season

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