Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/15/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on Why Your Ads Better Be in the Newspaper for Black Friday 

The Changing Role of Digital Media Sales People                                                                     The rise of programmatic buying has impacted not just delivery and pricing, but the sales process itself.

Few people frequently turn to Twitter for breaking news.                                               Sixteen percent of Twitter users “say they turn to Twitter frequently for breaking news,” a poll by Associated Press and CNBC says.

Newspapers’ digital audience hits new high in September 2013                                            The number of unique visitors engaged with U.S. newspaper digital content hit a new high in September 2013, totaling 141 million adults, according to the latest data from digital media measurement firm comScore.

The NYT paywall don’t get no respect                                                                                       The New York Times paywall revenue has overtaken its digital ad revenue—just two years after the paper bucked conventionalwisdom and asked readers to pay.

The newsonomics of the shopping of Press+ and the coming of Paywalls 2.0                      The largest paywall provider in the United States is up for sale. What does the future hold as paywalls grow beyond being all-the-content firehoses?

The truth about USAT’s big new circulation pitch                                                                   USA Today just made a dramatic change in the way it reports circulation, adding free digital app users to paid sales so it could once more claim the No. 1 circulation spot among U.S. newspapers.

Job 1 for newspapers: Audience development                                                                       While strategic audience development ought to be the top priority at every newspaper, efforts toward fulfilling this vital mission are fitful and far between at many publications.

Amazon Unveils Grocery, Auto Categories in Canada                                                      Amazon has added auto parts and groceries to its Canadian site,, which brings this year’s total number of new product categories in the Great White North up to 14.

What Local Publishers Can Learn From Starbucks                                                      Publishers have a fundamental advantage when it comes to “local” and, by and large, they’re letting it slip through their fingers by adopting new tactics in a haphazard way.

Media company does the math on its subscriber acquisition investments, results             U.S. media company boosts its total annual cash flow US$2.8 million by focusing on retention, cost per start, and weekly net margin

Finding digital gold involves better content, not more platforms                                       Media companies should devote less time, energy, and money to pushing their products out on every available platform, and focus instead on delivering the best possible content.

RR Donnelley, Press+ Exploring Sale                                                                                           RR Donnelley’s digital paywall platform, Press+, is on the market, according to an internal memo obtained by Folio

A Survivor’s Guide to Making Money on Mobile                                                                      Just as publishers began figuring out how to make money on desktop, their audiences started to leave the medium for mobile.

Facebook an Important News Source for Users, but Not on Purpose                         Facebook users passively read and interact with news stories while browsing on the site

How the Richmond Times-Dispatch justifies charging more for holiday papers                  The Times-Dispatch tells readers that it’s charging $2.35 for the Thanksgiving Day paper and $1.50 for the Christmas edition.

Lee Enterprises Readies For Mobile Future                                                                                At newspaper publisher Lee Enterprises, the future is mobile, according to James Green, the company’s VP of digital.

Groupon’s Big Redesign                                                                                                       Groupon is launching a new website as the daily deal pioneer tries to turn itself into a more persistent online marketplace for discounted local goods and services.

The 8 best apps for reading news on your Android tablet                                               Looking to read news on your Nexus, Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab tablet? Then perhaps you should be using one of these excellent Android apps.

Gamers Make Up Largest Tablet Content Audience                                                         Tablets are commonly used around the home, and the larger screens they offer make them ideal for leisure activities like playing games, accessing social networks and watching videos.

Dallas Morning News to print Star-Telegram                                                                 Beginning early next year, The Dallas Morning News will take over printing and packaging of the Star-Telegram, the daily newspaper in neighboring Tarrant County, eliminating about 275 jobs there.

Why Your Ads Better Be in the Newspaper for Black Friday                                         Chances are you’ve already developed your entire holiday advertising program, including your plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let me get right to the point and then you can continue reading to determine exactly why newspaper should be part of that plan: people read the newspaper, engage with newspaper content, trust it as a news source, and take action on the ads.

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