Newspapers Digital First News Summary-12/06/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on Can marketers and publishers trust their mobile click-through rates? 

18 ways to take mobile seriously in 2014                                                                                      If mobile is at the top of your media company’s list of New Year’s resolutions — and it should be — here are 18 things to keep in mind as you head into 2014.

Digital Video In 2014, Reaching 60% Of U.S. Population                                            Continuing to reshape the advertising ecosystem, analysts are beyond bullish about digital video in 2014 and beyond.

Advertisers Continue Adoption of Programmatic Buying                                          Advertisers are spending more than expected on real-time bidding, which is expected to account for a significant share of all display ad spending in the US this year and in the near future

Where the smart money is being spent in 2014                                                                  What’s the better bet for investment in 2014, core business or new product development? The answer, of course, varies by company.

Front page ads aren’t new at the Los Angeles Times.                                                                   I hope the LA Times was well compensated for this,” Nieman Lab director Joshua Benton tweeted about the Los Angeles Times’ front page ad Wednesday.

23pc of online consumers would mobile-only holiday shop                                                Online shoppers are increasingly willing to shop exclusively on their mobile phones this holiday season, according to new findings from PriceGrabber.

Women more likely to read, act on newspaper advertising                                               Recent European research revealed high engagement with print advertising among female newspaper readers. Women are more likely to visit advertisers, make purchases, and feel socially included after reading their newspaper of choice, the study found.

“Ambient” user experience about to change everything                                                           As news consumers become more accustomed to having content served to them, publishers must adapt by pushing stories to them in real time on all devices.

For Community Papers, Mobile A Good Fit                                                                               Can the small town weekly newspaper afford to sit out the whole digital revolution on the sidelines?

Publishers, Stop Crying Over Spilled Ink                                                                       Publishing today is a thriving, dynamic industry — one that is changing rapidly. As in many rapidly changing industries, the right business moves are not obvious. But the move to digital should not automatically be greeted as bad news. In fact, it’s often good news — it means the business is adapting.

How NPR lures younger digital audiences                                                                                 The people who listen to NPR are a lot like those who read newspapers. They tend to be wealthier, better educated and more thoughtful than the population as whole. And, like newspaper readers, they are older than the broader population, too.

Can marketers and publishers trust their mobile click-through rates?                                    It is no secret that Web site traffic from mobile devices has grown year over year.

Boston Globe Capitalizes on Red Sox World Series Win to Sell Digital Subscriptions       While this time of year lends itself to holiday and end-of-year promotions, The Boston Globe is capitalizing on one more seasonal advantage — the Red Sox winning the World Series.

Journalists’ Importance to Newspaper Advertising                                                              Much has been written and discussed lately about the fate of journalists, the blending of unique content and advertising, and what the future holds for newspapers and publishers.

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