Newspapers Digital First News Summary-1/17/14

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story-Newspaper to Put All Reporters Through Social Media Boot Camp 

Growth of tablets redefines news consumption overnight                                                         As tablets continue to expand their foothold, research shows Dutch readers are turning more and more toward multi-platform consumption of news. Print and digital both have their time and place.

Why location-based mobile advertising should be a core focus for publishers in 2014          In the continuing evolution of digital advertising, location-targeted messages represent the next leap forward, giving publishers the power to send relevant offers, deals, and updates to customers as they move through the world in real-time.

The New York Times Embraces ‘Organic’ Ad Strategy                                                          The New York Times takes the wraps off its first Web redesign in five years. Along with the new look, the paper is rethinking its ad strategy, embracing the current trend toward weaving ads more closely with editorial content.

2014 won’t be an easy year for the digital news business                                                       The hard part is finding positive signs. For the news industry, the excruciating migration from print to digital will get worse before it gets better.

If a tweet worked once, send it again — and other lessons from The New York Times’ social media desk  The team that runs the Times’ Twitter accounts looked back on what they learned — what worked, what didn’t — from running @nytimes in 2013.

Mobile retargeting: From driving downloads to driving revenue                                          One digital marketing trend that’s likely to pick up steam this year is mobile retargeting, as brands transition from driving app downloads to prying more revenue from mobile users.

Use auto-pay to score with readers’ loyalty, win long-term customers                          Reduce churn and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by selling existing subscribers on the many benefits of easy-pay. Here are nine ways to drive home the message

U-T San Diego Lays Off Video Personnel                                                                                     U-T TV, U-T San Diego‘s online TV station, has laid off about 10 staffers, the paper confirmed on Tuesday. 

Paper Reporter Among Most Stressful Jobs                                                                CareerCast ranked newspaper reporter as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs of 2014. Lack of job security and deadlines were enough to put reporters on par with police officers, PR execs and taxi drivers.

Newspaper carrier saves former mayor from cold                                                                   The deep cold affecting much of the country hasn’t slowed down newspaper carrier heroism.

Newspaper to Put All Reporters Through Social Media Boot Camp                                      One of the country’s oldest remaining big city newspapers, the San Francisco Chronicle, is set to announce a radical plan to arrest circulation decline and remain relevant in the digital age.

Retailers must have tablet-first Web experiences in post-PC world                                  While tablet-driven sales were strong during the 2013 holiday shopping season, they could have been even higher if it were not for the fact that retailers continue to underinvest in tablet strategies, particularly when it comes to device-specific Web sites.

Borrell: Legacy Will Lose Digital Rev Share                                                                         Legacy media companies will continue to see their digital ad share slip away to digital pureplays over the next five years.

Stretching a brand from print to digital                                                                                      Can it really be done? Can you take a brand that’s well established in the print world and move it to digital?

How Local Publishers Can Score With Sponsorships: One Yard at a Time             Community news publishers are being urged to develop new revenue streams. Yes, by all means, they should.  But it can be hard — especially if your site is a small independent.

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