Newspapers Digital First News Summary-3/7/14

Jeff newDigital First News Summary-3/07/14                                                Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including this story-Newspapers Primed For Mobile Growth

Media companies need road map guiding them toward new print subscribers                    In trying to attract new subscribers, media companies need to do more than simply analyse how their previous print acquisition efforts fell short.

“Newsosaur: Big Data Zeros in on Ad Inefficiency”                                                             Local media companies can defend against this threat—and build strong businesses for themselves in the future—by getting ahead of the tech behemoths. 

Murdoch’s hard-paywall success                                                                                                One problem with the “newspapers have more readers than ever” notion, is that most of those readers click on a link, leave after 20 seconds, and don’t come back. They’re worth virtually nothing unless you can ramp up the scale, which tends to happen by going for the lowest common denominator. 

Newspapers Primed For Mobile Growth                                                                                      As the smartphone becomes ubiquitous, newspapers are aggressively developing new products and services to capture audience and advertising

Lee To Outline Digital Strategy For 2014                                                                           During the company’s annual stockholders meeting Lee will review its digital news strategy, which includes expanded coverage tailored for each digital platform, more mobile advertising opportunities and a single sign-on to all digital platforms for customers.

The newsonomics of Spotified news subscriptions                                                                 The Internet is supposed to be all about unbundling. But in the new digital economy, is there room for new, smarter rebundling?

Wake-up publishers, and look beyond circulations                                                    Publishers are now competing with every other media for the eyeballs of users, whether they like it or not, and the focus on print and digital circulations is holding them back.

The worst news ever: Negative headlines outperform positive ones.                                  Put the brakes on your uplifting-content startup! The firm Outbrain found in two studies that headlines with “negative superlatives” vastly outperformed those with positive words:

“If the news is that important, it’ll find me.” But what determines if it’s important?         In some ways, it’s a beacon of hope: Sure, young people aren’t reading a newspaper any more. But the really important stuff still finds them, somehow.

Plain Dealer managing editor explains ‘digital first’ strategy                                                The Plain Dealer’s shift to a so-called “digital first” strategy, and the end to seven-day home delivery, is an attempt to retain the lion’s share of the audience for local news and eventually translate that hold on the local news audience into advertising revenue

Publishers: We’re On Offense With Digital                                                                 Newspaper publishers no longer need their arms twisted to build up their digital platforms and sales operations. The talk now is shifting to what’s working and how fast new business lines can be spun up.

 Proactive customer service increases publisher revenues, subscriber retention            Even in our automated, self-service world, proactive customer service plays a key role in anticipating what customers need and offering easy solutions.

NAA: ‘Print only’ still more than half of newspaper audience even as digital grows            A new analysis of the most recent newspaper audience reports suggests a surprising split in reading habits.

Why isn’t live video working for news sites?                                                                          Why haven’t video efforts at the Post, The New York Times, and elsewhere panned out? Quality and Format.

Ohio newspaper thief makes daring escape on bicycle                                                             On Sunday at 6 a.m., a man stole an “entire stack of Dayton Daily News that had just been delivered” to a service station, the Dayton Daily News reports. The suspect “was riding a bicycle and carried the newspapers in his hand.”

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