Newspapers Digital First News Summary-4/11/14

Jeff newDigital First News Summary-4/11/14                                                Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including this story- Jeff Bezos’ Master Plan for His Newspaper

The future of news: know thy audience                                                                                        As news businesses continue to redefine themselves for the digital age, knowing their audience is essential

Pew’s state of the media report: In search of a sustainable digital business model         Released last week, this report is brimming with positive vibes. But amid all the optimism, there’s a subtle undercurrent of concern about media companies’ inability to shed the weight of an outdated, ad-driven ecosystem.

The Changing Revenue Picture for American Journalism                                                          In 2013, the business of journalism saw another twist in its digital evolution: An influx of new money – and interest – from the tech world.

Growth in online video news consumption slows                                                                Despite the recent rapid proliferation of mobile devices, the number of Americans who consume video news online has increased just three percentage points since 2009, from 33 percent to 36 percent in 2013.

8,000 readers purchase Austin American-Statesman content day pass                            After a paragraph teaser, non-subscribers are invited to use the US$0.99 day pass programme, giving them access to articles across the media company’s various platforms. Its greatest success? Sports readers.

Are New Media Companies in a Race to the Bottom?                                                            With BuzzFeed and Upworthy reporting eye-popping traffic growth and planning to hire teams of reporters, many people are wondering whether sharing is the new currency of media success.

State of the news: Shakier than you think                                                                                 The reality is that the businesses that historically have funded local journalism are cutting coverage at the same time that most of the hundreds of new digital entrants are struggling to achieve financial sustainability.

The debate over pageview journalism ignores the real problem: flawed business models Pageview journalism is one of those topics that simmer underneath the surface, bubbling up from time to time when a publisher discloses that it’s implementing a new traffic-based compensation model for writers.

Jeff Bezos’ Master Plan for His Newspaper                                                                               The Washington Post will be giving away digital subscriptions to other newspapers. This is just the first step for the newspaper’s future.

The 3 keys to a multi-media transformation storyline                                                            The principles of print to multi-media transformation at media companies involve making innovation routine, strengthening the platform-agile management limb to facilitate revenue diversification, and having a clear path to integration.

Your phone may one day read your watch’s Washington Post articles                              Emily Steel writes about the Washington Post’s innovations under new owner Jeff Bezos:

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