Newspapers Digital First News Summary-4/18/14

Jeff newDigital First News Summary-4/18/14                                                Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including this story- Can The Washington Post’s national push help support local news?

How your data is helping publishers increase circulation                                                   Legacy print publishers are under assault from all sides. Marketers are putting less money into print advertising just as readers are increasingly becoming mobile-first

Mobile is hitting the nuclear reset button                                                               Many startups believe there are better ways to make money in mobile than advertising.

DFM’s Paton: ‘Moving on from Thunderdome’                                                                     Digital First Media CEO John Paton attempted to put a positive spin on the company’s decision to kill its groundbreaking Thunderdome project.

How media companies can manage acquisition budgets on the fly                                           By harnessing data, media companies can quantify the non-linear relationship between financial investments in subscriber acquisition and actual long-term circulation gains, making better decisions about where to spend.

Forecast: Right healthy 2014 ad spending                                                                          Though the media economy has seen great recovery from its struggles during the recession, it still has some ways to go before things return to pre-crash levels.

Can The Washington Post’s national push help support local news?                                  When The Washington Post announced in mid-March that it would provide free digital access to subscribers of a half-dozen local papers around the country, the consensus take was clear: After years of hesitation, the Post, under Jeff Bezos, was finally looking to “go national” in a big way.

Inside the Massacre at the Newark Star-Ledger                                                                    New Jersey’s biggest paper gets gutted—right when local reporters are most needed in Newark and Trenton.

News revenue declines despite growth from new sources                                                    Total revenue supporting American journalism has declined by one-third since 2006, according to a new analysis by Pew Research Center. 

Wall Street Journal Editor Gerard Baker on the US Newspaper Crisis                                   In an interview,Gerard Baker, the editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal, discusses the wave of billionaires diving head first into the journalism business and his own newspaper’s evolution after seven years of ownership by Rupert Murdoch.

Digital Ad Spending Worldwide to Hit $137.53 Billion in 2014                                      Spending on digital ads will make up around one-quarter of total media ad spending around the world.

The View From New Haven: What Went Wrong With Digital First                                      The end for one of the most widely watched experiments in local journalism.

Optimism is the only option: The Washington Post’s Marty Baron on the state of the news media As a small band of ex-Posties launch the much watched Vox, the paper’s top editor sees better days ahead for many outlets new and old.

Sun-Times subscribers can pay with bitcoin.                                                                            The Chicago Sun-Times has started accepting bitcoin for yearlong print subscriptions and subscriptions to the newspaper’s digital replica.

Pew: More seniors own tablets or e-readers than smartphones                                        About 27 percent of U.S. adults age 65 or older own a tablet or e-reader device while just 18 percent of seniors own a smartphone, according to Pew’s new report on seniors’ digital habits.

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