Newspapers Digital First News Summary-6/20/14

DSC_0736Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including the New AAM Report Shows Positive Signs for Digital News Industry

Desktop/laptop computers still dominate sports consumption. The use of mobile devices to access sports content has doubled among sports fans since 2011, but……

Medium-pay-per-click isn’t best way to pay writers, still wrestling with being a platform vs. being a publisher  Medium says it is continuing to experiment with how best to compensate writers,

What iOS8 will bring to your iPad  At WWDC, Apple showed a huge number of small improvements which will come with iOS 8 when it’s available in the fall.

Aaron Kushner’s Register newspapers offer buyouts, order two-week furloughs  Employees at the Freedom Communications-owned Register newspapers got this Intranet message.

Newspaper carrier sees ‘house all torched up,’ alerts man inside  Nicholas Belanger was delivering copies of The (Woonsocket, Rhode Island) Call to the Li’l General store in Burrillville, Rhode Island, early Sunday morning “when he spotted smoke and flames coming from the back of a duplex.”

Publishers: There’s money in your archives In The New York Times’ Innovation report, one of the big missed opportunities called out was the use of its archived content.

Media outlets love to use citizen journalism, but don’t like to say where they got it or how  Many traditional news outlets are happy to have “user-generated content” or citizen journalism for their breaking news reports, a Tow Center study finds — but…

Future head of mobile content: ‘If content is king, we’re going to need a lot more crowns’ Given his role trying to drive mobile innovation at what is, to say the least, a troubled company, Future head of content strategy for mobile Mike Goldsmith knows a thing or two about how difficult it is for a publisher to invest in the right places.

Here’s how the recession affected jobs in newsrooms, publishing, advertising, and more  Interestingly, their findings suggest that, in addition to all print-related industries, radio, TV, and broadcast have also failed to recover from the losses of the recession thus far.

You put in a pay meter. Now what? Just having a meter on your content isn’t enough

New AAM Report Shows Positive Signs for Digital News Industry  The Alliance for Audited Media recently released its look at U.S. and Canadian newspaper circulation figures for the first half of 2014 and its annual newspaper snapshot had some positive takeaways for those in the digital news industry

Big Data — or “Better Data” — gives advantage to print publishers Print publishers are better positioned than most pure-play digital companies because they can analyse their readers’ online and offline reading habits.

Small Papers Must Seize Niche Lots of people know about the digital strategies of the New York Times, the Washington Postand other major metros, but what does the future hold for the thousands of smaller, community newspapers operating throughout the United States?

Things never learned at newspapers about making news on the internet  Over 21 months at Thunderdome, staff created a lot of great projects, from interactive graphics for the Newtown shootings and the Boston marathon bombings to deep-dive data analyses and visualizations.



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