Newspapers Digital First News Summary-10/10/14

DSC_0736Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including the story-How people read online: Why you won’t finish this article.

A buyer’s guide to time spent with media  Out of home is one of just two traditonal media to see gains

How The New York Times cut load times and got faster for users. Page speed is an underrated part of user experience.

Circulation loss vs. cash flow gain: Let’s make a deal Many media executives feel there is no solid analytical data to help determine the costs and benefits of adding and eliminating new products and services.

The newsonomics of auctioning off Digital First’s newspapers More than 200 newspapers are up for sale — as one group, in clusters, or one by one.

Newspapers weren’t late to online news — they were way too early The New York Times recently tweeted out a fascinating article from its archives that illustrates this point. It’s about newspaper executives’ early experiments with digital news services

Tallahassee Democrat carrier explains to customers why their Sunday paper is late Ernest Mashburn, 78, who wrote this letter, tells he’s been delivering papers for 30 years.

Get Ready For Glass Wearables are inevitable and Google Glass is at the front of the line as journalism’s next key tech tool.

The Post 50% Mobile Newsroom Once a newsroom crosses the threshold of 50% of its traffic coming from mobile — a destination many, if not most, will reach this year — what happens next?

ChartBeat CEO: Attention Important Metric News organizations are getting it wrong on metrics, one of the industry’s biggest metrics vendors admonishes: it’s users’ attention and its duration, not their fleeting impressions, that needs to matter.

How people read online: Why you won’t finish this article. I’m going to keep this brief, because you’re not going to stick around for long. I’ve already lost a bunch of you.

NYT makes another change in response to Innovation Report A central recommendation of the team was to name leads in the newsroom and in product to oversee our audience-building efforts

Is Your Audience Really Paying Attention?  Reach and frequency have long been the standard metrics in advertising

Why publishers want attention to replace the impression  These moves toward selling attention minutes instead of impressions are part of the response to this crisis in advertiser confidence

Complacency won’t build revenue, but these 5 audience actions will Publishers need to actively seek out audiences without losing customer data — and potentially the customers themselves — to traditional digital middlemen like Google.

About Jeff Hartley

Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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