Newspapers Digital News Summary-2/13/15

DSC_0736Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including the story-Real Paywall Value May Lie In Data

The Lightning Fast Rise of the Mobile-Only Newspaper Audience In the past, sitting down at the kitchen table or in a recliner in the morning to read the paper was an all-too-common daily ritual for many Americans … then came the Internet

Newspapers and subscription barriers: what works best? A review of US and UK newspaper sites to see which approaches are likely to be most effective in converting visitors into subscribers…

Research proves print + digital ads drive vehicle sales Research funded by Newspapers Canada proves a combination of print and digital newspaper advertising is the most effective form of communication at every step of the vehicle-buying process.

The Advocate overtakes The Times-Picayune as Louisiana’s largest newspaper  The Advocate’s circulation has increased since being acquired in 2013 and expanded by New Orleans businessman John Georges

What to expect in 2015 (and beyond)  Publishing is a pretty slow-moving business.

Real Paywall Value May Lie In Data Publishers initially adopted paywalls and paid content strategies to establish value for their products and open up a much-needed new digital revenue stream.

How Rutland’s Paywall Saved Reporters The Rutland Herald has been in Rob Mitchell’s family since 1947, and was the first paper in Vermont to adopt a paywall.

Understanding audience preferences versus reality Many people say they prefer to read news content in printed newspapers. In actuality, people always carry their mobile devices and often reach for them for content consumption.

Mobile Apps Score Among Super Bowl Viewers  Half of tablet, smartphone users planned to use apps during the game

Digital video strategy checklist for publishers How many of these 17 best practices can you check off for your organization?


About Jeff Hartley

Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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