Newspapers Digital News Summary-3/13/15

DSC_0736Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including the story-FT will move data scientists into its newsroom

6 pillars of a revenue-generating business model for digital journalism If the old business model works only for print, what’s the next step for news media companies that must keep revenues coming in?

Why viewability and ad blocking are a joint threat to publishers A storm is brewing over the already troubled media land.

Snapchat stories: Here’s how 6 news orgs are thinking about the chat app  From live events to behind-the-scenes tours, The Huffington Post, Fusion, Mashable, NPR,, and The Verge tell us how they’re approaching Snapchat.

Young Trad. Media Users Feel Most Informed A new survey from Elite Daily and the Millennial Research Core found that millennials using traditional media sites as their primary news sources felt more informed than their counterparts who used online-only sites.

Cox Sees Millennial Potential In Free Sites Mark Medici, SVP of audience strategy and group lead for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox Media Group, says AJC’s free site is drawing a younger crowd than its paid site.

Think like your customer’s customer Advertising managers should think about how their customer’s customers shop and make decisions in online spaces to help maximise conversion success.

Moroney: Biz Devel Can Beat Papers’ Losses Business development is the only real way for newspapers to outrun the losses spurred by lagging digital revenue.

Why the future of digital publishing is like cable TV For the first time, a major platform invited media companies to directly connect with its users by publishing content on the platform, with no links to another destination.

The best digital design elevates journalism — it doesn’t just contain it  Journalism awards come out of long hours invested by judges, in rooms where too much junk food is consumed, as lists of links or stacks of entries are eyed, pondered, discussed.

Can print media make it ‘over the top’?As the over-the-top business heats up, magazines and newspapers are dipping their toes in the market, expanding their video distribution channels from web portals like Yahoo and AOL to the burgeoning array of on-demand platforms where consumers are already awash in gobs of TV and movies.

FT will move data scientists into its newsroom Even as the Financial Times announces excellent bottom-line numbers, the heat it’s feeling from the diverse and growing competition in business news is palpable.

About Jeff Hartley

Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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