Newspapers Digital News Summary-5/22/15

Jeff RTNow more than ever, newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print and digital audiences while developing new products and platforms. The right mix-preserving print revenue, growing digital revenue and developing new revenue streams, are critical to building a sustainable model . See how newspapers are meeting the challenge including the story-Most News Websites Are Now Mobile First [Infographic]

Despite widespread talk of a shift to digital, most newspaper readership continues to be in print What is becoming a frustrating theme was reiterated: “Revenue from circulation rose, but ad revenue continued to fall, with gains in digital ad revenue failing to make up for falls in print ad revenue.”

New Press Herald owner speaks out on plans for newspapers Now, in his latest column on the Village Soup website (behind a paywall) he has elaborated on his plans for the newspaper chain.

Most News Websites Are Now Mobile First [Infographic]  How do you access online news? Do you prefer to read the headlines from your desktop PC at work or catch up with current events on your smartphone during your commute?

Offer your ads for a penny (and other programmatic hacks) Publishers across the board are grappling with how best to make their advertising inventory available through automated exchanges.

How to build audiences with single-subject news products As audiences gain more choices for news, they are increasingly turning to specialized sources.

N.Y. Times accelerates digital-first effort The New York Times will take another step in its effort to prioritize digital this week by moving the discussion of the print edition out of its daily news meetings

Confessions of a tech journo turned flak: ‘This industry is a mess’ The uncertainty in the media landscape has created similar uncertainty for reporters, who have seen both their salary potential and career prospects erode

How publishers can capitalise on disruption Every industry is experiencing disruption. News publishers need to embrace this time by being aware of their changing audiences and needs, exploring different content presentations, and examining a variety of revenue models.

The Washington Post to test new web experience for expanding readership  “Based on the success of our new tablet app, we decided to experiment with different ways to carry that experience to the Web,”

R.I.P. — Six month newspaper circulation reports are gone for good Compulsive calendar watchers may have notice that May 1 has come and gone without the typical report on newspaper circulation averages for the six months ended March 31.


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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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