Newspapers Digital News Summary-6/5/15

Jeff RTNow more than ever, newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print and digital audiences while developing new products and platforms. The right mix-preserving print revenue, growing digital revenue and developing new revenue streams, are critical to building a sustainable model . See how newspapers are meeting the challenge including the story-Your Product is Your Product as Users Describe It

The hardest part of saving news: Changing the definition Lots of people understand that the traditional business model around news is breaking down. Far fewer realize it’s not just the business part — advertising — that’s broken. It’s also news itself.

Your Product is Your Product as Users Describe It  One of the challenges when you’re testing a news product is that the content and context is really critical to the experience.

Slow load times are killing publishers in mobile  Publishers are more at home tweaking headlines and ledes than the backend performance of their webpages.

USA Today Could End Daily Print Edition in Five or Six Years To be sure, a print product of some kind will likely continue for “the rest our careers,”

Digital breakthrough: Times advertisers agree to pay same rate for tablet edition as print  The agreement, reached with a number of key ad agencies, is being seen by insiders as a major breakthrough in terms of making money from digital journalism.

Listicles, aggregation, and content gone viral: How 1800s newspapers prefigured today’s Internet If you think BuzzFeed invented the listicle, you haven’t spent enough time with 19th-century newspapers, because they’re everywhere.”

Why media companies should pay attention to Snapchat Snapchat may still be seen by some media companies as a toy for twenty-somethings, but it is rethinking how news content works better than many existing players.

3 reasons to have hope for the media business model: Millennials, metrics, math Local newspaper Web traffic is dismal. But emerging metrics provide publishers with insight into how Millennials get news, factors that help create “sticky” news, and information on sophisticated reader analytics.

Why Publishers Need To Segment Their Audiences Mather Economics’ Matt Lindsay says the idea of publishers relying on audiences instead of ads for revenue is not a new one

Swedish payment company Klarna thinks it can save newspapers  The newspaper industry is in a tough spot, with circulation and advertising falling and no clear sign of how to crack digital.


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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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