Newspapers Digital News Summary-10/2/15

Jeff RTNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print and digital audiences while developing new products and platforms. The right mix-preserving print revenue, growing digital revenue and developing new revenue streams, are critical to building a sustainable model . See how newspapers are meeting the challenge including the story- Popping the Publishing Bubble

The secret sauce of a customised relationship with your media audience Other industries are able to provide individualised customer service. News media companies should take a lesson and learn to truly connect with audience members.

NYT makes 50 of its best pieces of journalism free to read The New York Times on Monday lifted its paywall for some of the paper’s best journalism published during the last four years, part of a larger celebration marking the Times’ recent 1 million digital subscriber milestone.

How worried are publishers about the arrival of adblockers on mobile Pretty worried, it turns out! At least according to the CEO of the trade organization formerly known as the Online Publishers Association.

iOS 9: How news organizations are updating their apps for Apple’s new operating system Publishers update their apps for iOS 9 and get ready for News.

Quebec’s La Presse to scrap weekday print edition to focus on app La Presse will scrap its weekday print edition starting Jan. 1, staking its future on its popular tablet app and taking one of the boldest steps yet in the print newspaper industry’s continuing shift to digital publishing.

Globe and Mail smartphone apps are key to bringing in high-value ad revenue The media company’s two smartphone apps — one for general news, one focused on content for investors — make great “mobile storytelling” a priority and measure success by reader engagement.

Popping the Publishing Bubble  THE GOOD OLD DAYS In the pre-Internet era publishers had it easy: on one hand, they employed journalists whose goal it was to reach as many readers as possible.

How legacy publishers are tackling digital Figuring out the digital landscape is a challenge for everyone, not least of all for legacy print publishers.

Baby Boomers Not Fans of Mobile Ads  Mobile shopping and advertising have caught on quickly in the US.

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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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