Newspaper Digital Summary-May 2018

Here’s are the latest updates from April-May 2018 with the primary focus on bringing posts concerning consumer revenue together in one place. The goal is to keep audience and revenue executives up to date on the massive changes taking place in the newspaper industry. Posts like this one-The Seattle Times is making it everyone’s job to grow digital subscribers

Publishers hunting for subscribers enter the weeds of segmentation  Publishers that recently began focusing on subscriptions know they need to figure out which visitors are open to paying up. But many small and medium-sized publications have a lot of work to do to find those readers in order to market to them

The New York Times is ramping up conference calls for subscribers that are run a little like radio shows “Conference call” might evoke routine business meetings and crosstalk of participants asking Can you hear me?

How The Times of London uses email newsletters to drive subscriptions  For News UK’s The Times of London and Sunday Times, subscriptions are the end goal. One key part of the Times’ arsenal to convert subscribers and retain them: email newsletters.

How The Economist uses its 12-person data journalism team to drive subscriptions  The Economist knows charts and data visualizations play a number of key roles, like reaching new audiences to drive back to its site and helping to bolster its credence.

How the Financial Times fights subscriber churn  The FT now measures everything from the sign-up of trial-users to the speed of its mobile site against the effect it will have on engagement because of its role in converting new subscribers and minimizing churn.

The New York Times has signed up a lot of subscribers. Here’s how it plans to keep them. Publishers with large subscriber bases are starting to invest in subscriber retention as a central component of their consumer revenue strategy

Publishers dangle access to editorial staffers in a bid for subscriptions  Among publishers looking for the right consumer revenue recipe, access to editorial staffers is becoming a common ingredient.

The Seattle Times is making it everyone’s job to grow digital subscribers Now, the newsroom can see if their stories are actually turning readers into subscribers.

News publishers see subscription dollars in local politics  Those looking for ways to drum up consumer revenue might look at several news publishers’ efforts to build subscription products around politics.


About Jeff Hartley

Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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