Newspaper Digital Summary-June 2018

Here’s are the latest updates from May-June 2018 with the primary focus on bringing posts concerning consumer revenue together in one place. The goal is to keep audience and revenue executives up to date on the massive changes taking place in the newspaper industry. Posts like this one-Here’s how the subscriber funnel, or whatever you want to call it, works

Would readers pay for content if they understood financial struggles? The Reuters Institute’s report shows more people are paying for digital news, and the likelihood for paying for news is increasing

People spend almost as much time on Instagram as they do on Facebook Time spent matters because more time in the app means people probably see more advertisements, which is how all these apps make money.

With new beats and sprints, The Sacramento Bee aims to hit 60,000 digital subs We’re also looking hard at what types of stories drive digital-only subscriptions,” Gustus said. “We know the last story someone read before they hit the meter, we know what the first story is that they visited after they hit the meter, and so what do we do with that information?”

MittMedia Homeowners Bot boosts digital subscriptions with automated articles MittMedia wanted to start producing articles about every property sold, but it wouldn’t make sense for reporters to do this.

Subscription publishers (still) have platform problems  Platforms played integral roles in helping publishers scale audiences. Now, they’re helping with publishers’ subscription ambitions, with new product features and programs to educate publishers just starting to pursue consumer revenue.

Report: Circulation, revenue and employment are all down at U.S. newspapers Pew’s State of the Media: Newspaper Fact Sheet came out on Wednesday.

Here’s how the subscriber funnel, or whatever you want to call it, works “I think it implies that gravity is helping the process, and it’s not,” she said. “If anything, it should be flipped. It’s harder to go up the funnel.”

New research indicates tight meters have won the pay model war for news websites More than 300 news websites were surveyed, 236 of them newspaper websites. Of those 236, nearly three-quarters had a metered model

How The New York Times plans new subscription products  The New York Times is thinking beyond its archives as it looks to add more subscription products to its portfolio.




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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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